Scrooge of Color – 34 of 40 – book research

I discovered a delightful new adaptation of A Christmas Carol here:

It left me with a strong impression of being an outsider. It was the scenes when the Ghost of Christmas Present takes Ebenezer to celebrations of Christmas in far-flung spots: A mining village, a lighthouse, a ship at sea. The date creates union: Everyone is singing a Christmas song. Scrooge stands (floats) outside of this, having isolated himself with his bitter stinginess. It’s a sad situation of his own making. He’s made himself a minority.

Since I’m musing about an actor of a minority portraying Scrooge, this conjures a situation in which that minority status relates to the character’s minority status. That’s because I lean toward color-conscious casting’s being an integral part of the experience and meaning of a work of art.

A man who makes himself a minority. Hmmm.






Today I came upon a de



Passive-aggressive superiority
Stricken by conscience
Compassion for Tiny Tim
Legs shaking before ghost of Christmas future

Jaw dropping Marley



Not using energy on anger – couldn’t maintain it

Scenes of miners
Fred’s party

The union of all – I’ve made myself an outsider without compassion

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