Scrooge of Color – 33 of 40 – book research

Today’s musing is only on Christmas Carol plays themselves, which I often find boring. After I searched along that line, I saw this comment on A Christmas Carol in an anonymous Quora answer:

When I was first reading it in 3rd grade, it was presented to me as a Christmas story, and all that I got from it was some old dude who learns to celebrate Christmas, nothing more. However, when I watched the movie. I saw a man constantly being dealt the wrong side of life and that causing him to become bitter and cold, then the same man who then changed for the better, finally finding peace and happiness.

… and notably I don’t know that I ever thought of Scrooge’s story this way. I’m not sure I do now, completely, because Scrooge’s wealth means that not every hand went against him. And there were other bright spots in his life: his sister, his time at Fezziwig’s. But I do see how Scrooge might have let bitterness overwhelm any gratitude that he felt.

This one thought has given me new insight.

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