Scrooge of Color – 32 of 40 – book research

A friend posted the thought that, by and large, black people descended from slaves brought to America lead more comfortable lives than they otherwise would have.

That led me to this hypothetical: Would I let myself be sold into slavery if it would ultimately benefit my descendants? This hypothetical allows that I would truly understand the various scenarios and chances of my descendants realizing them. Such a hypothetical circles me back to “A Christmas Carol” overall. A person is granted a glimpse of an alternate reality. Scrooge’s hypothetical also has a financial component, assuming that he will surrender some of his fortune to the needy. But the confrontation is ultimately moral: Am I my neighbor’s keeper?

The hypothetical exchange for slavery: Is that a philosophical consideration? Meaning is total subjugation ever acceptable, even if one (theoretically) brings it upon himself? That has shades of the voluntary bondage depicted in the Bible–Jacob served seven years for Rachel–no, make that fourteen, with a bonus wife.

But of course that was not the same. It had a relative benevolence and dignity. And there was no choice.

That’s what I will be pondering. A Christmas Carol is about choice. An actor of color represents the active LACK of choice.



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