Why do we love public libraries?

Here are 5 reasons


Without libraries what have we? We have no past and no future.

Ray Bradbury

Educate all ages

Alongside schools, colleges and universities, public libraries provide a community service as basic as first response: equal opportunity in continuing education that allows all citizens to reach their full potential.

Aid research

In public libraries, educational professionals and support staff maintain systems that provide knowledge. They guide acquisition of information, organize learning activities and host enlightening events.

Instruct and enlighten

With a wide and continuous curriculum of classes, workshops, presentations, events and activities, libraries deliver excellence in education and feed curiosity.

Bolster economies

Public libraries attract residents who become customers and taxpayers. They empower entrepreneurs with classes and tools including computers, meeting rooms and equipment for copying and presenting.

Enrich communities

Public libraries are investments in public education. The return is informed and productive residents at all levels of society, from those lifting themselves out of poverty to those thriving, all contributing to their communities.


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