In this radical remix of A Christmas Carol—as in the original classic—a stubborn loner receives an otherworldly summons and fears for a child he has never met. Everything else is updated and scrambled.

Evan Easter works alone on transmissions, shunning everyone except customers, suppliers and a few family members who come around to make sure he hasn’t died yet. From his youth linger whispers of cruelty by his father, Jake, yet Evan mysteriously left school to spend years working at Jake’s side.


Those closest to Evan know of his enormous generosity, his guilt over an accident long past, and the loss that nearly drove him mad. But only Evan knows how his life’s tragedies connect, what severed him from the person he loved the most, and the dire premonition he cannot escape.


His carefully-maintained isolation is shattered when the radio brings him voices silenced long ago and he receives a visitor who cannot possibly walk the earth. Summoned to spots tied to his darkest moments and forced outside his shell for the sake of a soul in peril, Evan must decide whether to drive into the unknown and draw on deadly capabilities born of a lifelong fight to survive.

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