Why RED?

This is why

It's about REDirecting attention to public libraries

(see what we did there?)

Red is everywhere.

It’s in and around everyone every day. The color, the word, the letters harbored in other words. Imagine even a fraction of these pointing in a new way to public libraries. That goal leaves us stirred.

RED traces back for Janet and me in many ways, starting with our last name, EldRED. It made its way into the book at the center of this effort, Rubrum (Latin for “Red”). As our plan developed, I started using RED in acronyms such as “Reading Every Day,” a priceless practice that public libraries obviously facilitate. When I was able to register the domain thisis.red, I soon savored the thought of T-shirts and other materials printed with “This is RED,” regardless of their color. This is RED is a fun and fitting theme for an endeavor that makes our hearts beat


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