How much can one book and one color do?

Here's how we'll find out


Create a bestseller

We have a good, long tale to offer readers and book clubs everywhere . As of January 2019, we are seeking a publishing partner to place it everywhere books are sold. 

All of the novel’s proceeds will go to our public library. No income will go to Janet or me.

Request donations

Promoting the book and this site will invite interested donors to give directly to our public library. We also hope to inspire donations to other public libraries.

Redefine "RED"

Red is everywhere: the color, the word, the letters harbored in other words. Imagine even a fraction of these pointing in a new way to public libraries. That goal leaves us stirred. There are lots of ways to play with RED.

And to get “this is RED” gear as shown at right …



Pre-order or donate

All proceeds donated, no income to us

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to raise $1 million the hard, fun way

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