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192 pages, Softcover


If you’re ever disappointed with yourself,
imagine how Jimmy Gimmy feels!

His family is in the bubble gum business, but he can’t blow a bubble. His father plays Big League Baseball, but he’s the weakest player on his team. He can’t handle the local bully nearly as well as the girl next door can. Worst of all, he has a strange habit of taking things apart without realizing it—and it keeps causing problems! Even when things start looking up, Jimmy finds plenty to worry about—his great-uncle’s experiments, his grandfather’s business enemies, his dad’s batting average, a mysterious snooper, and especially, his very important secret project.

When calamity finally does strike, he has to face an entirely new set of
difficulties—the many dangers of Burkey Run!


JIMMY is a 10-year-old who battles disappointment over all the things he can’t do: blow gum bubbles, play baseball, defend himself against a bully, and control his troublesome habit of taking things apart.

TRIZZA is a 10-year-old physical marvel who encourages Jimmy and helps him meet the biggest challenge of his life.

GRIMPA, Jimmy’s grandfather, is very supportive of Jimmy but also very excitable and demanding as he leads his bubble gum company toward its golden anniversary.

WHIM, Jimmy’s great-uncle, is struggling to continue producing laboratory innovations for the gum company, but stubbornly refuses to accept help.

MARIA is Jimmy’s very loving mother, a calming influence on everyone around her.

TIM is Jimmy’s father, devoted to his family even as he makes headlines as a professional baseball player.

MURK is a bully to end all bullies.

BIG STICK is Grimpa’s fierce business rival, consumed with bitterness reaching back half a century.

LULU is a bubbly new friend who supports Jimmy’s ambitious secret project.

SPYRO is the odd but enthusiastic assistant that Whim never wanted.

THE MYSTERY SKATEBOARDER is the wheeled whiz who keeps making unexpected appearances and miraculous escapes.

OTTO is a young scientist eager to work with Whim.

SSASSI is a felonious but frustrated feline.



  • Dealing with personal limitations, such as lack of ability in sports or singing
  • Accepting oncoming retirement
  • Developing one’s natural abilities
  • Dealing with a bully
  • Holding a grudge
  • Family life with a parent who is frequently away from home
    because of his profession
  • Keeping a secret
  • Persevering toward a goal despite doubts and difficulty
  • Excessive worrying and feelings of guilt
  • Private feelings of affection toward others
  • Taking risks


  • Showing respect for officials
  • Developing young players
  • Staying positive when facing difficult competition and
    disappointments during games
  • Practicing fundamentals and studying game situations
  • Knowing and following rules
  • Fan behavior
  • Keeping individual achievements in perspective when playing on
    a team
  • Experiencing a slump in performance


  • Product development and naming
  • Promotions and advertising, including promotional characters,
    events and slogans
  • Product packaging
  • Press releases
  • Public relations
    Meeting deadlines
  • Dealing with setbacks
  • Competition
  • Interviewing and hiring
  • Industrial spying


  • Central American culture
  • Signs of concussion
  • The unusual range of hearing of some animals
  • Martial arts
  • The impact of being famous
  • Planning a complicated project
  • Algebra


The authors are also the illustrators!

Enjoy the previews below from the newspaper serial.
The interior book illustrations are black only.


The book exists because of many different people. These include:

The Ziolkowski family and their lifetime project, the Crazy Horse Memorial, which inspired Team EEK’s own crazy dream of doing something big together.

Bobby Johnson, big brother of the “Killer E’s,” who persevered with an Altoona Mirror newspaper route for six years, eventually passing it on to E, E and K.

Kirk Barker, Altoona Mirror Circulation Manager, who enthusiastically relayed the idea from Team EEK! about presenting a potential serial to the Mirror.

Ray Eckenrode, Altoona Mirror General Manager, who liked the story! And didn’t mind having initial business meetings that included squirming boys!

Dan Slep, Tom Worthington and Margaret Moses of the Altoona Mirror, who helped bring the serial to life.

Ed Kruger, Altoona Mirror Publisher, who kindly let the whole project roll along.

Ben Stapelfeld and Nino Vella of New Pig Corporation, who counseled wisely.

All the Altoona Mirror readers who faithfully followed the story, including over 1,700 local students and teachers.

Rachel DiAndrea, Tony Zahn and others at theprinters.com, who helped produce
a fine volume.


Jimmy Gimmy and the Raid on Burkey Run ran as a weekly serial in the Altoona Mirror on Thursdays from September 9, 2004, through May 26, 2005.

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